Hydrotechnics 2018 Website ONLINE

Hydrotechnics Festival 2018

Hydrotechnics 2018 Website ONLINE

Our 2k Infused web development team has just released the newest version of our website! Now powered by cats!

Whats New?

– New Site Design (Header/Footer Images, coloring, top to bottom)
– New 2018 Animated Flyer (With at least 3 easter eggs to find (also mobile friendly)) *HINT* The Butterfly will help you get insured.
More awesome image gallery system (It Glows and has social sharing built in)
Overhauled Location Page with more information, better pics and even a way to find local hotels and stores!)
– Custom Made Mobile Menu!
Curated Hydrotechnics 2017 Pics
RIDESHARES System – 3rd Party Integration check it out!

Under the hood

– Better SEO!
– Better Cache System aka FASTER CUCAWS.
– Replaced the 12 hamsters we had powering the server with 3 cats! (1 cat = 10 hamsters)

Coming VERY soon

– Artist Spotlights
– Ticket Giveaway Contests!

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