2018 Rideshare System

2018 Rideshare System

Good News Everyone! We’ve set up a 3rd party Rideshare app for Hydrotechnics Festival to help everyone who needs a ride or needs riders get to the festival. After examining all the different options out there we’re giving RideVu a shot, its totally free and easy to use!

How to use our rideshare system

Visit https://ridevu.com/events/3032/carpool/hydrotechnics-festival-2018-ride-share/ to find rides OR offer rides. Its a great way to help your fellow festivalgoer and meet new friends (or enemies?) for life. One thing we noticed in our testing is you need to make sure all of the aspects of the page are showing, looks like they have an old SSL certificate for their google maps? So you might need to “show insecure items” to be able to list your location right. Anyway here are all the people currently offering or looking for a ride on the site :

Note : This is a 3rd party service, we are just helping you find eachother, obviously we aren’t responsible for your experience, choose wisely!

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